The story so far!

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come”

(Victor Hugo, 1852)

Victory Gardens is agitating for change. We want Newcastle to start thinking about its spaces differently as part of its revitalisation. Victory Gardens is aiming to facilitate projects that breathe new life into the city and help turn grey spaces green. We want to see underutilised spaces become productive places and there are many reasons for this which we will share later.For now, we ask you to come on the journey with us and get your hands dirty, reconnect with meaningful village life and feed your soul. Let’s grow something fresh and new for this city!

Since our launch in September we have met some inspiring people and have established great networks. We will share these with you over the next few months along with our activities. In the meantime, they say that pictures speak a thousand words so here is a snapshot of our story so far since our launch in a parking space on a sunny spring day in Darby St last September.

Seedlings were raised and shared with passers-by to symbolise the beginning of a fledgling idea to establish edible gardens in the CBD.

PD6 baby grace

Then came our successful application to establish a demonstration of urban edible gardens in the Hunter St Mall. Working in collaboration with Group D Creative, the Hunter St Mall Victory Garden is a little edible oasis beginning to sprout!

concept plan 1982286_10153914695255311_116037100_n

The Hunt & Gather Markets have been a place for us to share ideas and our progress with the community, as well as showcase our range of gardening crates and planters for people to grow their own veggies no matter where they happen to live!

crate close-up markets

We see plenty of opportunities to increase green spaces in our city and have been conducting a friendly campaign to convert the top floor underutilised Newcastle City Council Car Park into a rooftop garden but more about that later!



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