NSW Health Pathology

Most of us spend at least a third of each weekday in an office environment – so it makes sense to look at some of the simple steps we can take to make our workplace a greener one. The staff at NSW Health Pathology have done just that!

Over the past few months Victory Gardens has been working with NSW Health Pathology at their head office in Newcastle to install an edible garden on their beautiful north facing balcony. Although a busy team, the staff were keen to maximise the balcony and saw a garden as a place to nurture, build team spirit and relax in.

Victory Gardens supplied a range of mobile self watering planters perfect for this project. Hardy, heat resistant herbs like oregano, thyme, marjoram and basil, were teamed with easy lunch accompaniments like lettuces, spinach, cucumbers, capsicums and tomatoes. If in need of a pick-me up or 5 minutes away from the desk, staff can now create their own herbal tea using the lemon verbena, echinacea, chamomile and lemongrass growing outside.

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Victory Gardens also designed and installed a furniture fit-out for their space. Drawing on the existing corporate colours, staff can now use the space in different zones, whether for small meetings, large gatherings or just enjoying the sea breeze relaxing with a few work mates.

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“I would like to thank Victory Gardens for the great space they have created for us on our office balcony. We had a big space that needed the creativity and passion that Victory Gardens has ‘in spades’ to create a colourful and collaborative environment for our staff to enjoy, both in their breaks and for quick catch ups and meetings. The gardens have not only provided lovely vegies and herbs for us to use, it has also given us something to work on together, as each of the office teams take turns in watering and tending to them. The team from Victory Gardens are hardworking, professional and helpful right through the process and after. I would highly recommend their services.” Tracey McCosker, Chief Executive NSW Health Pathology